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This site is my web piece of art. I hope you will enjoy it and like as much as you liked your favorite sites.

Feel free to browse this site and all my other related site and get the maximum fun and benefit.

Hisham Qaddoumi

Here where you will find more about me, my experience and my passions in technology, arts and life in general.

Shall you liked what you read, you can browse more and know more about me through all my other links.


I have been working on this new amazing technology "SharePoint" for a while now and I believe I am able to deliver a lot more.

Here you can know more about it, and you are welcome to take advantage from my own experience of it as well.


If you already read my personal information page in the first link you would realize that I majored music in my university studies.

This section talks more about this and leads to interesting musical material all done by me.

Some examples of my works are available to listen to in the Music Player down in this page. Hear and enjoy!

Movie Talk

Watching movies is a passion of mine, and as long as I watched a lot of movies and studied one course in the university in "Acting for Cinema and TV" I thought I am able to do some personal critic for what I watch.

See it all here and enjoy it as well.


Another community dedication of mine is the forum that I am supervising for SharePoint Technologies. From this page you would knoe more about it and you can link directly to it

Contact Me

Did you like the site? Have comments or suggestions? Need more information? have anything you want to know about or to participate in?

This is where you should go and let me know exactly what is it that drives you about this site.

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